The primary function of the Altar and Rosary Society is to support the spiritual needs of its members and the church.  The purpose of the Society is to organize women of the parish, 18 years or older, to see to the needs for the appointments of the Altar and to assist with any fundraising activity for the church.  Members furnish linens, vestments, and Eucharistic hosts for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Volunteers launder linens and pay for any dry cleaning necessary to maintain vestments and Altar linens.

In addition, Society members assist and support all parish functions, including the Annual Feast, which is held in July of each year.  The Society also conducts various fundraisers throughout the year, cleans the church, and oversees the annual Saint Joseph’s Table.

Members meet six times a year in February, April, June, August, October, and December. These meetings begin with Corporate Communion followed by a meal and a business meeting.

Please contact Rosemary Peltier at 303-428-2274 for more information or if you are interested in joining!



Current Officers (pictured L to R):

Vice President: Rosemary Peltier

Sergeant at Arms: Danielle Case

Secretary: Dominique Lillo 

Co-Presidents: Mary Buzzelli-White & Gloria Volpe

Treasurer: Laurie Creason



Care and Cleaning of Altar Linens

Altar linens in need of cleaning are found in the closet of the Sacristy hanging in a white laundry bag (east wall). If you forget to bring your own bag to transport linens, there are generally grocery bags on the floor of the closet.

Because Purificators are used to wipe the chalice during Mass, they regularly become stained with the Spiritual Drink. Consequently, they must be soaked in a container prior to putting them into the washing machine. After soaking, remove and wring out as much water as possible out of them back into the soaking container. The water must then be poured onto the ground and not poured down the drain.

At this point, the Purificators can be treated to remove any visible stains. Pre-treat these stains with Spray ‘n’ Wash or similar stain treatment. They can then be laundered in the washing machine; however, fabric softener should NOT be used. When the washing machine cycle is complete, check each Purificator for any remaining stains. Stains may need to be treated again and run through another cycle.

The linens can be dried in the dryer or air dried. Once linens are dry, they are ready to be ironed. Iron them hem side up then fold into thirds, ironing each third as you fold it.

When returning linens to the Sacristy, Purificators are kept in a drawer on the west wall. They should be separated by style and placed at the bottom of the stack.

Thank you for your assistance with this important task! If you have questions, please reach out to one of the Altar and Rosary officers.