To become a Eucharistic Minister or Lector contact the parish office at 303-455-0447 or email a request to


A Eucharistic Minister of Holy Communion……….

1. Is a Catholic in good standing

2. Participates in the faith life of the church and its sacraments (must be 18years or older, confirmed and have received all the Sacraments of initiation, must be married in the church, and a fully practicing Catholic).

3. Integrates their belief in the Actual Presence of Christ

4. Is dependable in scheduling

5. Attends the Eucharistic Ministers Workshops to receive training

6. DRESS appropriately for this ministry.


Because of the sacredness of this ministry, it requires specific training. The names of those who have completed their training. The names of those who have completed their training, i.e updating, and review, are submitted to the Archbishop of Denver. These ministers are formally mandated for a period of three years beginning the First Sunday of Advent and are appointed to a specific parish.


A Lector………

You tell our story – the story of salvation.

You open our hearts to pray and study the Scriptures. You have the privilege to proclaim the WORD of the LORD.

1. Prepare and practice your readings

2. Arrive at the church 10-15 minutes before Mass begins.

3. DRESS appropriately for your ministry.

4. The Lector reads the first and second readings, the Psalm when not done by the cantor, and the intersessions when the Deacon is not present.


Altar Servers………………. (To become an Altar Server contact Crystal 303-455-0447 X23 or email your request to

You are ambassadors, you are representatives of the entire congregation in assisting the priest during this important sacrament, which is the central focus of our Catholic faith.

1. Your decision to serve the community of Our Lady of Mount Carmel as an altar server is your commitment and responsibility to serve at the Mass for which you have been scheduled.

2. Be in the sacristy at least 15 minutes before Mass start. If two servers are scheduled, decide amongst yourselves who will be cross-bearer and who will be the book bearer.

3. If you are not scheduled to serve but attending Mass and notice that there is no server, please come up to serve.


Ushers/Greeters………………….. (To become an usher/greeter please contact the parish office at 303-455-0447 or email your request to

Your are the first to greet God’s people as they gather for community worship. Your welcome the stranger. You welcome the family. You have the privilege to be the smile and hands of Christ.

The ministry for an usher/greeter is for the person who:

1. Is willing to welcome the faithful

2. Teams with another usher/greeter

3. Has a helpful attitude

4. Attends in-service gatherings

5. Arrive 15 minutes prior to the beginning of Mass

6. Greet and welcome with a SMILE

7. DRESS appropriately as a Christian with a purpose