Dear Mount Carmel Community,

Christmas Season is behind us, and now we have some quiet time during January extending to mid February. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 14th. Easter will be celebrated on April 1st. .     

La Festa d’ Amore Dinner Dance takes place on Saturday, February 10th at the Lakewood Country Club. This is sponsored by the parish women of the Altar and Rosary Society. There are a limited number of tickets left. Please call the parish office 303-455-0447 if you desire to purchase tickets.  

On Saturday, February 17th, the church honors the Servite Founders of the Friar Servants of Mary. They were lay men, cloth merchants in Florence Italy, who gathered in honor of Saint Mary in the beautiful Cathedral of Our Lady of the Flowers under the direction of Dominican Saint Peter martyr of Verona. In 1245 they left Florence to discern their calling on Monte Scenario, twelve miles from the city. There they laid the foundation of the order and others came to join them in service of the Lord under the patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary as their Lady. Pope Leo XIII canonized them as the Seven Founders of the Servite order in 1888. Their names passed down are: Alexis, Amideus, Bonjucta, Bonfilius, Hugh, Manettus, and Sostene. Our Church contains an oil painting (cleaned in the spring of 2015) dedicated to the founding of the Order by the renowned French Artist, Pierre Rochard in 1906. The ceiling also displays oval images of the Seven Servite Founders, along with Saints Phillip, Peregrine, and Julianna.

Ciao, Padre Ugo