MARZO – 2018

Dear Mount Carmel Community,

On this first weekend of May we welcome and celebrate, the 125th Anniversary of the Servite Sisters from Omaha Nebraska.  The Servite Sisters served in our grade and high schools from 1926 to 12968. May Thanksgivings and blessings of past memories, current ministries, and the future be upon them. .     


The Easter season continues as we celebrate, and welcome to our Parish Family and many Catholic Churches, those who have received the Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist. Infants continue to be Baptized during the seven weeks of Easter. Their parents and Godparents model the faith in their early years of infancy leading them to the other Sacraments, secondary teachers, help parents at parish Religious Education Classes.   

The annual celebration of the feast of Saint Peregrine, the Patron Saint of cancer, will be on Saturday, the 12th of May at 10:00am. The Mass includes the Sacrament of anointing, the Litany to Saint Peregrine, and respect of the Relic. Refreshments will be provided following the Mass. The celebrant at Mass is Servite Father Mark Franceschini. Bring a friend along to this annual celebration. 

First Reconciliation for our young was on Saturday, the 28th of April at 10:00am. This prepares them for First Eucharist on Saturday, the 5th of May at 4:00pm Mass. The annual May Crowning of the Saint Mary statue also takes place during the Mass. Confirmation will be celebrated on Wednesday the 16th of May at 6:30pm for the young children, teens, and adults.  This year we will be joining Assumption Parish in Welby to celebrate the Sacrament.

In a few weeks the Easter season ends with the celebration of Pentecost, the birthday of the Church, on the weekend of the 20th of May. The weeks of Easter are always special in a parish due to the number of Sacraments celebrated.

May the SHALOM (Peace) of the RISEN JESUS continue to deepen within us.

Ciao, Padre Ugo  

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