Agosto – 2017

Dear Mount Carmel Community,


Hope you were able to attend our annual picnic, Sunday, the 30th of July from 2-5pm at Lakeside. The picnic is also in appreciation of the many who helped in any way as volunteers at our annual 86th Bazaar.    

The parish 86th annual Bazaar is now a memory. Thanks to the leadership of Rocco Carbone, Bill Coffey, the Bazaar Committee, Members of the Men’s Club, Women of the Altar and Rosary Society, the Alumni Association, and the many parishioners and volunteers who helped in any way. The income and expenses are still being processed before publication. We know our Bazaar is a SUCCESS because of your support and involvement. THANKS TO ALL!   

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is on Tuesday, August 15th. It is a holy day this year. Masses will be at 8:00am and in the late afternoon at 5:30pm in the church. Join us as we honor the Mother of Jesus. 

ST. ROCCO DAYS are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, August 18th, 19th, and 20th, on Shoshone. The annual procession will be on Sunday following the 11am Mass beginning on the front porch of the church. We have developed a special friendship over the many years with Potenza Lodge and their members. Saint Rocco/Roch is from Monpellier, France and lived in the 14th century. A hermit, he undertook a pilgrimage to Rome where he cared for plague victims. On the way back home, he became sick. Alone and expecting to die, he was miraculously healed by an angel, and was nourished by dog bringing bread. He is depicted dressed as a pilgrim and usually lifts his robe to reveal the mark of the plague on his thigh; a dog is also depicted nearby with a bun in it’s mouth.

Servite (Servant of Mary) Saint Philip Benizi is celebrated Wednesday August 23rd. He was born in Florence, Italy in the early 13th century. He entered the Order; and was ordained a priest in 1267. Philip was elected Prior General and he remained in office almost until his death. He served with wisdom, developed excellent community guidelines and fought to keep the Order from being suppressed. Because of his strong influence, he had been considered a “Father of the Order and Illustrious Promoter.” He died in Todi, Italy and was canonized in 1671. Because he was mentioned as a possible candidate as pope, the papal crown is always pictured at his feet. One f the miracles of Saint Philip is miraculously providing water and bread on different occasions. We plan to extend a roll and water to those at 8am Mass, Wednesday, August 23rd in the church. . 

Continues Summer Blessings!

Padre Ugo